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(Anthony) Tony Krol

Art & Murals

Illsol , Tony Krol paints large-scale murals and paintings with a focus on textures and a dichotomy of clean lines and grit. Krol, a child of the 90s growing up around freight train graffiti, skateboarding, and custom car culture, is now highly influenced by the way that art shapes cultural and social identity. A particular area of interest is the examination of the way counter-culture moves boundaries and develops a sense of family outside of the traditional definition of the word, how creative ideas generate new definitions of love that generally isn't found in the homes of so many "families." With a strong focus on social identity and cultural influence, Krol's work examines the science of art; how color, form, and subject matter affect emotional response through the frequencies of energy. In 2021 Krol became an initiate of Kriya Yoga, an ancient practice of Yoga that was taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, this practice has helped the artist dive deeper into the subtleties of color, form, and texture. The artist is also a meditation instructor.

Community Involvment

Bloom on Franklin - A monthly art walk in downtown Tampa with the aim of revitalizing businesses along the Historic Franklin Street corridor.

Tampa Walls! - An international mural festival in Tampa, Florida. This festival is part of the Worldwide Walls! network conceptualized by Jasper Wong in 2010, with Pow Wow! Hawaii.

Ventures & Curation

Tony is a global curator with Mergeculture Gallery and Ame Consulting Group , specializing in art placement and collection consulting for municipal agencies, private collectors, architects, interior designers and property developers. While working well with all developers, the artist understands that curation should represent the many different voices that occupy communities, diversity is what makes life thrive. Krol is an advocate for working through systemic issues in the arts and supports any initiative that supports inclusivity and representation of minority artists, as well as diverse styles of work.

Notable Collections

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