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Front-End Design Conference

I'll be attending the Front-End design conference in St. Pete on July 23rd with my friends from Big Sea Design, and a long time friend of art and design, Dave Rau. I'm looking forward to seeing what Meagan Fisher has to say about owls, and sculpting polished designs from mere ideas, by means of storyboards and wireframes. I'm also quite intrigued about what Lea Alcantara has to say about self branding. Value placed on your image is a large part of why clients hire us to do things for them. Some designers fight with an identity crisis every few years, or weeks, depending on their own level of attention deficit syndrome. Finally, Jina Bolton is going to be discussing CSS workflow.

I may actually learn a thing or two, so I'll be sure to document the splendid experience with a thorough recap of my encounters with local, and visiting personages of the web.