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Thieves in the Night - Gun, Violence, and Values

Our morals are out of place and have got our lives full of sorrow...

What’s even more tragic than a tragedy itself are thoughts diverted to political concerns, and the lack of focus on how we think about one another as human beings. More focus is placed on the protection of rights, rather than the reasons we even value our rights. More focus is placed on rights than the value of human life.

Media outlets report that violence in movies and video games coupled with the access to guns are "the cause," yet there is a real problem that isn’t being mentioned.

To say that access to weapons is the "core of the problem," and then to say that placing “a good guy with a gun” in spaces to protect innocent people from “bad guys with guns” is part of the solution, has exposed disconnected modern values. Our media is consumed with communication about weapons, rather than encouragement on a personal level.

What makes people want to do terrible things, and how can we start looking at that as the problem in the world? Why is that so hard? When was the last hero who did something positive featured on a headline?

People are valuable, time is valuable. The time that we share with other people makes time twice as valuable. Sharing in a simple peaceful gesture with someone who may need it, making them smile, and encouraging them is more constructive than thinking about ways to remove all of the guns and violent video games on the face of the planet. Parents have to counter violence that is going to inherently exist in human nature, friends, teachers and counselors should also recognize how they play a role when parents unfortunately don't.

How communities, and government programs should get involved: Make sure that every school has a counseling program that is efficient and works. Psychologists can help identify kids falling into a pattern of worthlessness, and correct self-value at a young age. An accessible, non-obtrusive counseling program in every school would provide the encouragement that may be missing in a child's life, and enroll them in a follow-up program that makes sure they grow up to be mentally stable, and healthy adults.

Parents, telling your children that he or she should be the role model in class who everyone will look up to, or to always try their best and see the value in what they bring to the world will give a purpose to every day. What if every kid encouraged one another because all of their parents who encouraged them as an example? That's how it works. Parents, friends, role models can encourage kids, kids encourage other kids and become adults that encourage and help other adults. That is how the world becomes a better place.

It’s really that simple. Encouragement in the community, whether it’s a neighbor or friend having a bad day, or a simple “how are you?” Paying attention when someone might be down, or feeling rotten and following it up with at least a brief conversation of encouragement. Without self value, there can’t be any value placed on others.

Encourage your friends to reach their dreams. Stand by your children and instill confidence in them so they can help others. Tell those around you that they are worth every moment you spend with them, because the worst thing we can do as humans is take one another for granted, because we are all in this strange, and wonderful life together.

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